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Tier II Chemical Inventory Reporting Requirements

What is a Tier II Chemical Inventory Report?

A Tier II Chemical Inventory Report is a report that facilities are required to submit to their State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and local fire department annually. The report provides information about the hazardous chemicals that are stored or handled at the facility.

What regulation governs Tier II Chemical Inventory Reporting?

Tier II Chemical Inventory Reporting is governed by Section 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). EPCRA is a federal law that requires facilities to disclose information about their hazardous chemicals to the public.

What types of facilities may be required to report?

Any facility that stores or handles hazardous chemicals in quantities equal to or greater than the threshold planning quantity (TPQ) for any one chemical is required to submit a Tier II Chemical Inventory Report. A few examples include:

-Field service facilities storing lubrication oils, coolants, gasoline, diesel, degreasers, or similar. -Tank batteries. -Compressor stations. -Retail and distribution facilities storing chemicals.

For specific information on chemical quantities, see

Minimum amounts onsite to trigger potential reporting

The TPQs for different hazardous chemicals vary. To find out the TPQ for a particular chemical, you can consult the

3 tips to maintain a good Tier II chemical inventory management program

-Keep your inventory up-to-date. Make sure to update your inventory whenever there is a change in the quantity or location of a hazardous chemical at your facility. -Use a software program (such as Matidor) to help you manage your inventory. There are a number of software programs available that can help you track your hazardous chemicals and generate Tier II reports. -Train your employees on how to keep and manage the Tier II inventory. Make sure that your employees know how to identify hazardous chemicals, how to track their quantities and locations, and how to generate Tier II reports.

Deadlines for reporting

The deadline for submitting Tier II Chemical Inventory Reports is March 1st of each year.

So, what now?

Tier II Chemical Inventory Reporting is an important part of protecting the public from the risks associated with hazardous chemicals. By maintaining a good Tier II chemical inventory management program, you can help to ensure that emergency responders have the information they need to respond to a chemical release or other emergency.

Contact PSR if you have any Tier II questions or would like assistance with filing your annual report for the next reporting year.

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