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Premier Safety Resources (PSR) stands as a beacon of excellence in training services, offering a comprehensive suite of programs that encompass pipeline safety, operator qualifications (OQ), environmental training, general safety training, and NCCER training. Our approach to training is built on the foundation of empowering your workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to not only meet but excel in the stringent demands of industry standards and regulations.

Pipeline Safety Training and Operator Qualifications (OQ)


At PSR, we specialize in pipeline safety training, designed to equip your team with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in line with the latest industry standards. Our OQ training programs are meticulously developed to ensure that your personnel are proficient and certified in their respective roles, thus enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of your operations.

Environmental Training


Understanding the critical importance of environmental stewardship in today's world, our environmental training programs are tailored to provide your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and mitigate environmental risks effectively. This training covers various aspects, from regulatory compliance to best practices in environmental conservation and management.

Safety Training


Our general safety training courses and our annual refresher training programs are developed with the objective of creating a culture of safety within your organization. These programs cover essential safety topics, ensuring that your team is well-versed in identifying, preventing, and responding to safety hazards in the workplace. 

NCCER Training


As part of our commitment to providing industry-leading training solutions, PSR offers NCCER training, recognized nationally for its rigorous standards and comprehensive curriculum. This training is critical for those seeking certification in various construction and maintenance trades, ensuring that your workforce is competent, compliant, and ready to tackle the challenges of the industry.

At PSR, we understand that effective training goes beyond mere knowledge transfer. It's about engaging the workforce, fostering a deep understanding of the subject matter, and instilling a proactive approach to safety and compliance. Our training programs are designed to be interactive, practical, and relevant to your specific industry needs, ensuring that your team not only learns but also applies this knowledge effectively in their daily operations.

Choosing PSR for your training needs means investing in a future where safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility are ingrained in your organizational culture. Our training services are more than just courses; they are a pathway to excellence, safety, and sustainable success in your industry.

See our projects, services, and knowledge shares in real time by viewing our Trunkline portfolio. 

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